Texas Mead

Olduvai Gorge 2 million years ago...
After leaving some footprints in the mud on the riverbank, Larry, Lucy's wayward brother, decides to take a nap underneath a large baobab tree. There were very heavy rains last night, so he hadn't slept well. Upon waking from his nap, Larry notices that there is a moist, sticky substance on his face. Having no idea what the substance is, he naturally decides to taste it. "Yum", says Larry, wiping another finger into the sweet liquid. Larry gets up and looks into the crook of the tree he had rested against. There he finds a bee hive which had fallen into the crook of the tree filled with water.

Thus mead drinking was born!

Okay, perhaps it is a bit brash of us mead makers to suggest that mead might perhaps be pre-Homo sapien sapien in nature, but given our hunting and gathering past, it isn't hard to imagine that mead was stumbled upon quite early in mankind's history. Mead is the most basic, yet versitile of fermented beverages in that you need only honey and water to create it. From those two very basic ingredients the possibilities are endless. Mead can be bone dry or incredibly sweet, just as a grape wine.

Honey is an amazing substance. Bees will visit millions of flowers to collect the nectar necessary to make honey in the hive. The bees also impart enzymes to the honey lowering the moisture content, which is why honey must be diluted in order to ferment. Depending on where the bees were able to collect nectar, this will impart unique flavors to the honey. The honey will also differ from year to year depending on the weather. So every batch of mead is a unique creation. In our meads, we use only raw, unfiltered Texas honey. This exceptional honey makes exceptional mead!

There are several varieties of mead. Use this guide to select the meads which most appeal to your tastes:

  • Traditional mead - a basic mead made with honey only
  • Melomel - a mead with fruit
  • Cyser - a mead made with apples or cider
  • Pyment - a mead made with grapes
  • Metheglin - a mead made with herbs and or spices
  • Hydromels or sessions - lower honey content, therefore lower alcohol
  • Meads may also be still or carbonated

Mead in Texas is on the rise! We are proud founding members of the Texas Mead Association. Check out our members at TexasMead.org