About Us

Rohan Meadery is nestled between the small south central Texas communities of La Grange, Round Top & Fayetteville on Blissful Folly Farm. Rohan Meadery is owned & operated by John & Wendy Rohan. The meads are prepared in a Czech style, resulting in a crisp, clean & slightly drier end product. John's great- great grandfather Frank Rohan, immigrated from Moravia (Czech Republic) & settled just south of La Grange in the community of High Hill in the 1880s.

John's grandfather also had a penchant for homebrew (keeping his friends & Meadery Sign neighbors quite happy during prohibition!), so it came as no surprise when John made his first batch of mead in junior high school! Since then he has honed his craft, studying chemical engineering along the way, and now produces some of the finest meads in the world. He is happy to continue the family tradition! John also enjoys beekeeping, farm chores & coaxing the greatness out of a batch of yeast!

Wendy Rohan spent her undergraduate years working in fungus, yeast & microbiology labs. After college, Wendy joined the Peace Corps and was sent to Senegal, West Africa. It was here on the edge of the Sahel desert, that Wendy was first exposed to bees & beekeeping....falling in love with the insect. After briefly leading tours to other countries in West Africa, Wendy returned to Texas & began teaching high school science, which she continued to do for ten years. Wendy loves beekeeping, developing mead formulas & tasting the nuanced changes in the honey from year to year.


Blissful Folly farm hosts an apiary, a herd of dairy goats, southdown sheep, assorted chickens, guineas & donkeys, an acre each of Tempranillo & Blanc du Bois grapes and an assortment of fruit trees. We are committed to sustainable agriculture and proud to be a certified Bee Friendly Farm. Rohan Meadery has a strong commitment to using the best, raw, pure honey & natural, locally sourced ingredients available. Every batch of mead, wine & cider created is unique.

Our meadery is a gift - a gift for the slow & appreciative life & we hope to share a little of that with you.

About the Save the Bees, Drink Mead campaign:

We could not do what we do without the hard work of our little industrious bee friends and the hard work of our excellent honey partners Wendy & Kenny Reed of BeeWilde honey. Bees are disappearing at an alarming rate. Their disappearance not only threatens our mead making, but 1/3 of American agriculutre. Our Save the Bees, Drink Mead campaign is simply designed to raise awareness and funds for honey bee & native pollinator conservation. When you purchase a t-shirt, you help. Visit http://www.xerces.org/ to learn more.

What you can do to support the bees:

Plant wildflowers ~ use organic pest control ~ host a screening of the movie Vansihing of the Bees: http://www.vanishingbees.com/trailer/